Why Vivial Connect?

We power mobile messaging services for developers seeking simple, affordable solutions. Our API enables A2P (Application-to-Person) and P2P (Person-to-Person) messaging for applications and is easily scaled for any use case. With rapid development and deployment, you’re sure to save time over custom development.

Scalable Solutions


Leverage SMS and equip your application with text messaging services that customers appreciate


Leverage MMS and programmatically send rich media to customers

Local Numbers

Include a local presence for businesses or employees while enabling conversational messaging with 10 digit, local numbers

Toll-Free Numbers

Choose toll-free to enable high volume messaging and provide customers the value of a toll-free number. Instantly provisioned for US and Canada

Opt-Out Management

Use our API to systematically manage industry keywords such as STOP, START and HELP


Integrate text messaging and enable efficient, cost-effective tech or sales support for your business – customers prefer the speed and ease of texting

Transparent Pricing

Vivial Connect knows what matters most – building a stellar product for the right price. Whether you have a subscription or prefer pay as you go, we offer the pricing transparency you expect.

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