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Leverage our powerful API to integrate SMS into your product. SMS can be used for customer service, alerts, notifications, reminders, critical updates and more. Standard SMS messages are 160 characters max, including spaces. SMS is supported on all smartphones.


Deliver more than just text to your customers. MMS enriches the customer experience by enabling users to send and receive photos and videos. Standard MMS messages can support videos of up to 40 seconds, single images or slideshows, GIFs and audio clips.

Two-way SMS

Engage in two-way SMS using long codes to deliver modern, meaningful and professional communication. Long codes use P2P Communication on a unique 10-digit phone number tied to a specific area code. Two-way SMS can be used for troubleshooting errors and issues, appointment reminders and confirmation responses, customer service and more.

Number Lookup

Our API allows you to select your 10-digit number for SMS and MMS at no charge. You can search for your local-US number by city, state or zipcode. You have the ability to specify a number pattern containing wildcards for individual digits or even spell a word using a alphanumeric pattern.

Local Numbers

Reflect a local presence and make your messaging personal with your choice of instantly available, local 10-digit numbers. Your number is purchased for the long term and is owned similar to a business number. Using our Number Lookup tool you can quickly and easily add additional numbers to your account to send and receive messages by time zone, area code and more.

Toll-Free Numbers

Instantly search for and provision text-enabled toll-free numbers in the US or Canada. Ten-digit toll-free numbers are a great alternative to short codes. Businesses using toll-free numbers get higher volume capabilities than local, quicker provisioning than short codes and the value of a toll-free number.

Bulk Send

With bulk send, businesses can send relevant, targeted notifications to a large group with one request. Use a single API call to send identical message content to a list of numbers. Quickly and cost-effectively send reminders, announcements, or alerts to a large audience.

Long SMS Concatenation

Free yourself of the SMS 160-character limit and have your multi-part messages automatically concatenate into a single message on the recipient’s device.

Unicode Support

Communicate in virtually every language including emojis. Unicode is an international character encoding standard that provides a unique number for every character across languages and scripts, making most characters accessible across platforms, programs, and devices.

Message Status Tracking

Receive message status notifications by configuring message callbacks or using the API to retrieve a complete history of message statuses. Message Status Callbacks provide the delivery status of messages sent to or from your account using an HTTP request to a URL you specify. Vivial Connect handles industry standard keywords such as STOP, START, and HELP sent to any of your numbers. These keywords allow end-users to control what numbers they receive messages from.

Message Logs

Web-based user interface allows you to monitor your messages, including message ID, creation date, message type (SMS/MMS), direction (in/out), to and from numbers and time/date stamp. The log is used to add, view, list and manage your entire account, quickly troubleshooting messages and callback errors. Use the LOOKUP resource to gain valuable insight about the device type and carrier associated with a specific phone number.

Developer Resources

Integrate the API quickly using our developer-friendly client libraries, sample code or quickstarts, all backed by friendly support team and community.


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