Introducing SpyderLynk

Vivial Connect is pleased to offer patented SpyderLynk Passwordless Authentication and SnapTagsĀ® as an identity verification process that allows users to send an independent proof of identity using their mobile phone.

SnapTags provide a fully customizable, accessible, proprietary closed loop system that can be easily activated using a mobile device. Their patented code ring coupled with your logo allows for an additional layer of security to your application and enables users to directly authenticate with the simplicity, trust and convenience of their phone.

Download our free demo on your Android phone here to see how it works.

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Passwordless Authentication Benefits

Optimal security. Passwords are a liability as users tend to repurpose passwords and share them with others. Passwords are inherently vulnerable and are responsible for a significant percentage of breaches.

Cost reduction. User password management is expensive and complex.

Seamless user experience for mobile apps. Users simply need a mobile device to login and access their account.

Secure Auth Just 3 Steps Away

Contact Us and our experts will help you create a custom SnapTag.

Post-setup, users download the SypderLynk app and pair their device with your application simply by taking a photo of the SnapTag displayed on your website.

Once paired, users can login to access their account with their device.

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